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  • New: candles with wood structureNew: Christmas candles
    Seyko Gifts - for 23 years now we supply high-quality hand-made candles, ceramic products, decoration, gifts and seasonal items to resellers and traders from all over the world. In our assortment you will find not only decorative ideas, ceramic figures and table decorations made of glass and ceramic, but also new candle series for Christmas and all the year long.
  • New: Christmas candles
    Christmassy candles with new winter motifs or with decorative wood structure for the best time of the year!
  • In the decoration assortment 2019: Garden children with plant potsFrog «Sammy» with plant pot
    The spring & summer collection 2019 - As usual, you will find here a lot of ideas for decorating of house and garden, for example plant pots, ceramic figures or a rich selection of tealight lanterns and other decoration items. Of course, these articles make joy not only in spring, but all year too...
  • Little figures from ceramic, hand-made...The figures are also hand-painted
    Our ceramic articles, as sample coin boxes, little animal figures or bells, are made of high-quality material in elaborate handwork, and as well as careful hand painted, which gives them an individual, unique character. This is how again and again new, small works of art are created, with which we have been convincing our customers from all over the world for many years.
  • Topseller for christmas: lighthouses from ceramics
    Recommended by Santa Claus: The light and smoking houses belong to the topsellers in the Christmas business of the last two years. Our partners profit from our long-standing experience most clearly at the peak of the season, for example in the supply of Christmas markets.
  • Christmassy decorations
    Seasonal decorations and gifts such as Christmas items, as well as decoration ideas for spring and Easter, have a high priority in our program. We offer a large part of the assortment at favorable conditions by preorder, but many articles we also can still deliver at short times due to adequate storage.
New candle series
Our new candle series with striking, creative designs!
Catalogue 2018/2019 online
The online catalogue 2018/2019 with many ideas around giving and decorating, the new spring assortment and gifts for all over the year.
Spring & summer 2019
New table decorations
in our collection 2019.
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