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NEW: hand-painted candles
The candles of the series «Taurus», «Galaxie», «Stern», «Venus» and «Merkur» create an atmospheric ambience, not only at Christmas time...
Candles in creative design
Candles in wood structure, tealight holders and candles with striking design, lovingly and creatively designed.
Aromatic candles made of palm wax
The aromatic candles in various shapes and scents are made of 100% palm wax.
Candles with nature decorations
Cylinders, cuboids and star shaping candles as well as tealight holders with fruit and nature decorations.
Fruit candles
Cylinders and cuboids in various sizes and 6 colours, with fruit decorations.
Candles with winter & christmas motifs
Just right for the Christmas time or for the winter season: candles with beautiful winter landscape and Christmas motifs.
Candle serie «Winterdorf» (winter village)
Candles in cylinder and cone shape as well as tealight holders in various colours.
Plates and stands for candles
Matching glass plates and metal stands for our candles.
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